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After received your inquiry, the consultant will arrang a phone call with your school, and send a copy of the foreign teachers requirement registration form to you, the details are available on this website. Fill in your school's information and the basic situation of the requirements for the foreign teachers required.


In accordance with the requirements of foreign teachers in your school,we will select the excellent foreign teachers who meet the requirment and send the information to the school by email.

If you satisfied with the foreign teacher's qualification.we will arrange the foreign teacher to the school to teach a DEMO class.

3. Sign the agreement

After two parties agree on various aspects, the agreement will be signed in the school. And the customer in guangzhou can pay the service fee within 15 days, after the foreign teacher arrival at the school; Customers not in Guangzhou will need to pay the agreed amount of service charge in advance, and the remaining service fee will be paid to AoKai within 15 days after the foreign teachers arrivel.

4、Customer Service.

During the service period, we will keep track of all the services, collect feedback from both the school and the foreign teachers, so as to guarantee the expiration of the contract.

[AoKai's promise]

1. We will provide the most suitable foreign teachers for you with the requirements of your school.

2. If you are not satisfied with your education, you will be free to change your foreign teachers.

3. During the service period, if the teaching termination is caused by the foreign teachers' own reasons,we will soon complete the service period for the free exchange of foreign teachers for your school.

The foreign education management of AoKai is the right choice!

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