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Guangzhou AoKai ESL center belongs to Guangzhou AoKai education consulting co., LTD. We focus on providing excellent foreign teachers to schools, enterprises . We have professional teacher training and become the most excellent foreign service agencies in Guangzhou.

We always focus on the construction and promotion of foreign education recruitment platform, and we have a large number of foreign teachers from all over the world to join our company.

So far, we have more than 3000 professional teachers, with the domestic bilingual teaching institutions, international schools, kindergartens established long-term good relations of cooperation, with many years of experience accumulation of hiring foreign teachers and teaching management provides detailed guidance and services, thus received unanimous favorable comment of customer cooperation.




In addition, AoKai is committed to building a professional teacher recruitment services platform, providing the high quality teacher resources and foreign teachers training program, will also actively explore foreign language teachers in the field of economic and cultural activities.

Our teachers are mainly from English-speaking countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, with TEFL and TESOL teacher certification.

There are also foreign teachers from France, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Japan.

They have standard native pronunciation, teaching experience and complete teaching plan, which can meet the personalized needs of multi-level and different language learners.

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Service mode

Foreign teaching Executive Search: Foreign teaching executive Search is full time intermediary, full-time hosting, part-time intermediary, part-time custody, etc., flexible and diverse ways to meet the diverse recruitment needs of employers.

Training services for foreign teachers: one-to-one, one-to-many training services for learners;

To provide marketing, human resources, finance, international trade, international law, language, etc.


   Foreign education consultation service system

Education service covers:

1. Provide English training service for children education.

2. Recruit professional foreign English teachers for institutions of higher learning and education training institutions.

3. Provide private teaching series for individuals and families.

4. Provide English training service for foreign teachers to the company.

5. Search for foreign employees or foreign teachers of foreign teachers.

Our princeple

Our pursuit: To build an AoKai foreign education brand and become the most excellent foreign education service institution in Guangzhou.

Our mission: To transport the most professional foreign teachers and provide the most intimate services.

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